01. Echoes Of Darkness Dissolve The Silence
02. Foes Of Light Beautify My Solitude
03. Like A Dream Of Immense Beauty
04. Silent Tears For The Sanguine Dawn
05. In The Maelstrom Of Nocturnal Lust

Welcome to Echoes Therein Gale official homepage.


We are very pleased to announce that we have a deal with Thonar Records and our first album entitled "Echoes Of Darkness" will be released this autumn in a digipack edition. It will contain 5 songs (35 minutes) of experimental dark ambient/electronic music.

The complete track listing is the following:

In other news, there is a collaboration between Kenji Siratori and us. It's the very first time we work with vocals in our music and the result is pretty interesting. The first song of this collaboration is now online in our myspace page. Check it out!