Echoes Therein Gale is not just music. It's a nigthmare that was born back in 2006. A neverending story of darkness, grief and hope. The music is just the soundtrack of this horrible dream.

Echoes Therein Gale will haunt you, will reveal you the darkest paths of life and make you walk into them. You will feel alone and this is where the nightmare begins. You and your feelings. You and yourself in a dream of immense beauty. Echoes of darkness dissolve the silence and you try to escape but there is no way out. All you can see is some foes of light that just beautify your solitude. You feel like you are in a dream of immense beauty... And you're right, you are! In your loneliness you shed silent tears for the sanguine dawn and then you realise how wonderful life is. In the maelstrom of nocturnal lust you feel the end is coming but then some gleams of hope become visible. You understand it's up to you to escape from this nightmare. But do you want that...?

Echoes Therein Gale